Aftermarket Service

Emergency assistance

As part of our standard customer performance guarantee, Dutch Incinerators has committed to deliver a fast and effective on-site technical support, to solve operating issues and to ensure maximum system operation, at any moment the service is required, no matter the circumstances.

With remote access, online technical assistance is our first step for troubleshooting the unexpected.

Routine maintenance program

Routine maintenance is the simple and small-scale care associated with regular (daily, weekly, monthly) and general upkeep of the incineration plant system, against normal wear and tear. In practice, it may include services such as cleaning, lubrication, oil changes, adjustments, small repairs, inspecting and replacing parts, etc.

The routine maintenance schedule consists of a program to keep the equipment running efficiently and productively, as well as to prevent downtime and expensive repair costs. This straightforward routine maintenance program is executed by the plant operator.

Failure to adhere to this program could lead to refusing to honour a warranty when something goes wrong. It could also reduce the safety, reliability and lifespan of the incineration system considerably.

Annual maintenance service

The annual maintenance service (only once a year) is a prescheduled thorough examination, that involves the systematic inspection of critical equipment, where potential problems could be detected and corrected, in order to prevent equipment failure before it happens.

This annual preventive maintenance requires a temporary complete system shutdown. Subsequently, this maintenance service is executed in 10-15 consecutive days by a team of Dutch Incinerators qualified experts.

Actual records of DI incinerators in the field show that there are no unscheduled shutdowns when the incinerator is properly constructed, correctly operated and judiciously maintained.

Service Maintenance Contract

Any customer can opt for our 5-year Full Service Maintenance Contract. The annual plant overhaul is for full responsibility of Dutch Incinerators and executed by DI qualified technicians. All genuine spare parts are included and supplied by DI under this service program.

The 5-year Service Maintenance Contract can be renewed for an additional 5-year term.

Spare parts

We serve our customers with original equipment spares. Only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are manufactured with the same exact standards as used in the original designs.

Genuine OEM parts minimize variability, reduce costs, increase safety, guarantee maximum uptime and comply with international codes, standards and approvals. All our spare parts undergo quality control and must “fit for purpose” prior to shipment. We guarantee the supply of spare parts for the service life of our incinerators, even for equipment that extends the normal expected lifespan.