The EPC process

The way we work

The concept of engineering is synonymous with invention. It is an activity that transforms knowledge into something practical.

We offer a complete EPC service (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), including personnel training, aftermarket support and maintenance contracts.
A-Z engineering is indispensable to carry out a successful procurement job and construction work.

Project phases


Conceptual design
We deliver a description of the proposed incineration system. What should it do, perform and look like.

We offer creative, effective and innovative tailor-made designs for most challenging process conditions. In all circumstances, we wield the KISS principle (Keep-It-Simple and Straightforward). We work closely with our client to ensure that the full design intent is captured and engineering considerations are incorporated. This way we can ensure the delivery of an outstanding end product.


Basic engineering
Analysis – Lab testing

First we ask for detailed information about the waste characteristics. A thorough waste analysis is essential to draw a comprehensive mass/heat balance that outlines all inputs and outputs of the incineration system. It also defines the incineration model, flue gas treatment system and the most suitable waste heat recovery solution.


Feasibility study
To identify the direction for the development of detailed engineering.

We are very well positioned to conduct a preliminary study that focuses on the technical and economic viability of a new incineration project. The outcome serves for all further steps in the engineering process.


Detailed engineering
The technical input is converted into sufficient detail, for all procurement and construction.

Development and production of all required construction documents and drawings of an incineration project. This considers a detailed description of a bill of materials procured from qualified vendors, up to specified manufacturing instructions.


Procurement & Construction
Large network of qualified subcontractors.

We strive to procure and construct locally, which will keep our expenses under control and results in a more competitive price.



Transportation, heavy lifting and handling of industrial incinerator equipment and components is under our full responsibility and in compliance with local regulations.


To warrant that installation and commissioning are carried out in compliance with the requirements.

On site installation supervision ensures the shortest possible installation time and avoids errors in the installation work. It’s all about good project management.


We guarantee strict planning and execution.

Our experienced and dedicated installation team assembles the incineration plant ensuring
its reliability, longevity and the health and safety of the operator.


Commissioning & Test run
To guarantee the operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety and information traceability.

We verify, check, inspect and test every operational component of the incineration instruments, equipment and (sub)systems. Commissioning is an inevitable step before the safe and orderly handover of the incineration plant from us to the owner.


Operator training
Profound training results in more uptime and minor wear and tear.

A general operating manual is the first guideline for good operating practice, safety tuition and daily routine maintenance services for regular and general upkeep. Our training courses are designed to make the day-to-day running of your incineration infrastructure as efficient and smooth as possible.


Technical commitment
Support in the completion of technical documents for application of local planning, permits and other regulatory requirements.

With our safety engineering expertise, we can assist in the HAZOP (hazard and operability) study and other potential risk management processes.


Aftermarket service
  • Emergency assistance
  • Routine maintenance program
  • Annual maintenance service
  • Service maintenance contract
  • Spare parts

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We cover a standard warranty period of 12 months, under the strict condition that the equipment is used in the manner intended. Genuine equipment spares for the first operational year are part of the hand-over package.


Retrofits & Upgrades
Thorough optimization can improve your machinery for better performance, all in compliance with today’s international standards.

A retrofit or upgrade of your existing incinerator system could be a fast and efficient way to modernize installed equipment, bringing immediate performance improvements and being an affordable solution compared to newly built.

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