Product range

01. Mobile incinerator design

We developed a mobile rotary kiln incinerator with a wet flue gas scrubber, suitable for thermal treatment of small quantities of wastes.

The entire incineration system is pre-installed on 2 standard ISO 40ft flat racks and fits on a trailer truck, enabling the incinerator to move around, from one site to another. The complete system is always tested and commissioned before it’s shipped and can be in full operation within a few days after arrival on site.

The mobile incinerator design is available in 1 size: DI-1.5M.
You can download the datasheet with technical information.


The mobile system is a low investment incineration solution with low operational costs, fully automated and allowing intermittent or continuous 24/7 operation with limited manpower. There is no external fossil fuel required during continuous operation and local utilities are restricted to electrical power supply, water supply and wastewater discharge possibility.

Applications / key markets


  • Temporary incineration projects.
  • Incineration in remote areas and extreme environments.
  • Emergency response clean-ups.
  • Emergency medical or veterinary waste incineration.
  • Site remediation.
  • Test case for uncommon or difficult wastes.
  • And more

Sustainable disposal solutions for

  • Off-shore oil & gas industry
  • Field hospitals, global epidemics & disaster zones
  • Drug & contraband destruction
  • Veterinary practices, infectious animal diseases
  • Mining & exploration camps
  • Military operations
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Marine litter
  • Aid agencies
  • Humanitarian & refugee camps
  • Festivals
  • Mass gatherings
  • Small island communities
  • And more
02. Stationary incinerator design

Our standard range consist of 6 different stationary incinerator models, however, we can design any capacity according to the client’s requirement. Final choice of the DI incinerator model depends on the thermal input at calorific value and the nominal throughput capacity on an hourly basis.

For each standard model, you can download the datasheet (PDF) with technical information.
Get an overview of our standard product range