Fully automated continuous operation

Plant automation

95%-98% operational uptime

Our industrial rotary kiln incinerators are engineered for 24/7 continuous plant operation at variable rotational speed. All systems can be equipped with an automatic waste supply and continuous ash removal solution, evading the need for temporary shutdowns.


Upon specific client request, we design and provide online remote access control from anywhere in the world. A customized plant automation system and additional visualization screens can be developed and implemented.

DI software

Our turnkey facilities are completely automated and operated with our very own software, driven with PLC technology (programmable logic controller) and built with top quality European automation components. Process monitoring is typically done with 2 HMI’s (human-machine-interface); one unit near the process system for direct operator control and one unit installed in a central control room for supervision.

System data

Plant automation systems include continuous data acquisition and storage, reporting, trending, I/O visualization and an overview of all electrical systems.

Our counter-current rotary kiln incinerator has earned a remarkable reputation for its reliability, durability, efficiency and longevity.