We engineer with focus on operational reliability. Currently our systems reach a typical uptime of 95%-98%. We dare to say we innovate.

Dutch Incinerators is headed by its Technical Director, Jan Huijben. He has been working 25 years at leading waste treatment corporations and renown engineering companies. As Project Manager, Plant Operations Manager and Senior Process/Mechanical Engineer, Jan gathered his general know-how and extensive experience by practicing, not only preaching. That led and leads to innovative ideas.
Dutch Incinerators is an EPC-contractor, dedicated to the engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of turnkey solutions for thermal waste processing and waste handling infrastructures on an industrial scale.

Our commitment

We offer a cost-effective solution that will fully meet your expectations, without compromising technical and operational reliability. This absolutely sets us far apart from our competitors in the field of hazardous waste treatment technology.


Our brand

Dutch Incinerators has built an impeccable reputation as an exceptional technical problem solver in the incineration industry. We know all strengths and weaknesses of any incinerator system and design/build our own DI-incinerators accordingly, from a single piece to a complete process, with top-notch quality materials.

We have 30 years of technical know-how and practical field experience in the hazardous and medical waste incineration business, with a focus on successful and safe process treatment of various types and mixtures of high and low calorific hazardous waste feedstocks.

rotary kiln

Our values

We guarantee

We keep our promises, deliver on time, guarantee the quality of our products, taking our responsibility towards maintenance and aftermarket services and assure to be available at any time to communicate with you and solve your technical problems if any occurs.

We work worldwide

There are no limits

We have been active in Asia for more than 10 years and so we developed a strong presence over there. Nowadays we operate anywhere on the globe.

Working with us

Your gains

  • Multipurpose rotary kiln incinerator, from 1.5MW to 20MW thermal input capacity
  • Advanced non-clogging designs
  • Unsurpassed operational reliability with a typical uptime of 95%-98%
  • Low daily operating cost
  • Only one prescheduled shutdown for annual general maintenance
  • IED compliant
  • Unique waste-2-energy solutions
  • Unmatched technical flexibility for complex tailor-made designs, all built with state-of-art components
When taking our signature pointers into consideration, we are confident that we have no rival in the waste incineration industry.